Committed to the well-being of its customers, employees and community.


Over 25 plus years, we have established a reputation for providing high quality tires with a service tailored to meet our customers exacting requirements, offering product in premium ranges giving us a comprehensive range of tires and tread patterns to suit all relevant operations.


Fine Tread offer a variety of fleet services and management that help streamline your tire program and keep your fleet running at its best, so you can focus on your core business. From a car tire to a large earthmover tire, we cater all kinds of tires of any size.


Along with absolute excellence in everything we do, there is much more to us than just commercial and technical expertise. It takes continuing innovation and investment in the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure that these advantages are realized to the fullest extent.


Our products offer one of the most practical and cost effective ways to reduce your transport operating expenses. They have many environmental advantages over new replacement tires in terms of raw materials and energy savings.

About us

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Fine Tread & Tires Canada Ltd. was established in 2007 in Surrey, British Columbia by Mr. Sikander Singh Randhawa after successful operations in Nairobi, Kenya for almost two decades. It was started in 5100 Sq. Feet of building with Cold Process Retreading Facility in which Semi Truck & Trailer tires were retreaded and supplied to different tire shops.

As company started growing and customers list start getting bigger, Fine Tread moved to a bigger location of 8300 SQ. Ft building in Langley with 10,000 SQ. ft of open yard. As per public demand, company decided to sell and service passenger tires also. And introduced latest technology of tire changer machines and tire balancing machines.

At Fine Tread, we know that you aren’t just running your vehicles on our tires but also your businesses. We know how important ‘value’ is to you, and at Fine Tread this ‘value’ is our competitive advantage. We deliver value by providing quality products that come from innovation and advanced research & development. We don’t just create, but we also customize and anticipate. By being as concerned about value as you are, we make ourselves the smarter choice.

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Our Vision

Fine Tread wants to be a Canadian market leader in tire industry by providing customer with quality product.